The Music We Play

Non-Stop Setlist!

We try to keep the dancefloor hopping, so we blend our songs together as much as we can into mashups. You'll be suprised at some of the mixes we've come up with!

The Songs

Our song list consists of about 80 songs at any one time. We enjoy picking songs from yesterday and today, but we try to play songs that are tried-and-true, danceable, and uniquely British!

Although a few international songs have made it into our repertoire, we try to stay within the British mod/ska/Britpop/R&B/rock genres.

What we look for:
  • The song should be dancable!
  • It should have a strong connection to Britain
  • It should be a highly recognized song or hit in Canada
  • We love to play it!
  Our current song list